Scaffold is Essential

Scaffolding is so important for all construction work as it is a platform to work safely and quickly. The type of scaffolding you choose depends on what’s being built and where. In this blog, Complete Scaffold Solutions go over the advantages of scaffolding so you can use the most appropriate access system for your construction project.

The need for Scaffold

Scaffolding consists of temporary structures that are placed around construction sites for your employees and contractors access those areas they need to work on. Most of the time, scaffold used on smaller domestic projects can be erected in less than a day. However, on bigger commercial projects, it can take more time.  When installed, scaffolding improves worker safety, and makes it more efficient to complete the job.

Benefits of Scaffolding

Improves Safety over Ladders

Using a scaffolding system is a safer method of worker access instead of using ladders or using informal structures to stand on. Our scaffold is made specifically to provide an extremely stable platform for work. Additionally, it also has various in-built safety features like guard-rails and toe boards. Using professional scaffold for your projects in Brisbane can help get your staff home safe and prevent injury and fatalities.

Improves Access for Construction Staff

Scaffolding helps workers access different locations of the construction site. They can easily move between worksites and be in a safe and more comfortable position to do their jobs. The stable platform provided by a scaffolding system makes completing jobs such as painting, drilling, grinding or plastering much safer for all involved as staff can work from a better angle with both feet planted.

Improves Efficiency

Using scaffold helps improve the efficiency of a construction project. A lot of time and energy is saved from not having to move ladders around or always having to bring tools and materials up and down. Additionally, scaffolding makes it quick and easy for staff return to work after taking a break. Furthermore, professional access systems help multiple employees work in the same area at the same job at the same time. This decreases the time to complete work and saves labour costs.


Buy or Rent Scaffold Now

Complete Scaffold Solutions is a leading provider of quality scaffolding. Located in Brisbane, we manufacture custom made scaffolding from 100% Australian materials for construction companies around the country. Our team offers a wide range of scaffold services including design, custom made manufacture, erection and dismantling. We’re also the nation’s leading custom swing stage manufacturer and inventors of the NextGEN swing stage system. To buy or rent affordable high quality scaffolding, please contact Complete Scaffold Solutions today on 1300 266 777.