Soild Foundations

Scaffolds are a stable and safe working platform for a wide variety of tasks on construction sites. The good thing is that they are extremely versatile. For example, it is possible to erect one of the systems on verandas, suspended flooring, awnings and parapets. However, before even considering putting the structure up, it’s essential to get the foundations right. By focusing on this key consideration, you can ensure your scaffolding is stable so workers can get home safely at the end of the day.

Complete Scaffold Solutions has put together this blog to expound on why it’s so implortat to have solid foundations when working with any type of access structure. Solid footings can be the difference between a project’s success or failure so it’s critical we get this step right.

Baseplates and Soleboards

It’s a common misconception that scaffolds are only able to be erected on a solid surface. This fails to take into account the many options available. By using appropriate soleboards and baseplates, it is possible to erect scaffolding on rough surfaces such as soil or gravel. These key pieces of equipment distribute the load and allow us to put up access systems on less than ideal ground.

Be Aware of Ground Stability

Scaffolding systems can have their stability undermined by two major ground types. Firstly, soil subsidence can be a result of water flows or excavation in the area and secondly, friable and soft ground could be covered with a tough-looking crust on the top.

Large volumes of flowing water or nearby excavation work has been known to result in soil subsidence. This is a major risk to workers’ safety and can cause scaffold to collapse. However, some preventative measures can be taken, such as redirecting potential watercourses away from scaffolding foundations. This is especially true for trench that have recently been filled.

Additionally, sometimes it may be difficult to tell really how hard the ground is. In some cases, earth may appear solid but this is only because a solid crust was created as soft ground underneath dried. When erecting scaffolding, it’s easy to overestimate the load bearing capabilities of these surfaces. This is a dangerous situation that can cause scaffolding to topple if the load is too high. There is then a risk the structure will fall through the crust on to the soft soil. Even before considering to erect an access solution, you’ll need a professional scaffolding company in Brisbane to analyse the ground and offer expert advice of the system’s load bearing capacity.

Call The Professional Brisbane Scaffolders

For all construction projects in in Brisbane and around Australia, it’s essential you work with a scaffolding company you can trust. You need a scaffold company with a 100% safety record and decades of industry experience providing access solutions on sites large and small. Complete Scaffold Solutions fits the bill. With in-house manufacture of our own 100% Aussie-made scaffolding, we are industry leaders recognized for customer service excellence and the highest quality products. We are also one of Australia’s leading custom swing stage manufacturers offer them in a wide variety of configurations with engineer-certified winches and AS compliancy. With our wide variety of affordable scaffolding solutions, we are the recommended suppliers for both the residential and commercial sectors across the country.

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