Mobile Scaffold Hire

There are many benefits to mobile scaffold towers. Most importantly, they are very simple to erect and dismantle and can be used when required without a extended scaffold rental. They can also be used in many different locations for many purposes as an added advantage over the usual scaffolding you may hire. Finally, mobile scaffolds are cheap when compared to traditional varieties and can help you cut project costs.

For an easy and convenient construction method, mobile scaffold towers are the answer. In this blog, Complete Scaffold Solutions explains how high mobile scaffold towers can go and which factors are important.

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Maximum Mobile Scaffold Tower Height

Mobile scaffold towers can get up as high as 20 feet. That said, almost all only usually go up to 10 feet. Scaffolding height really is up to what it’s being used for and what it’s mae of. As an example, mobile painting scaffolding may just be a metre or so tall whereas those used on a construction site may be much taller.

Factors Affecting Mobile Scaffold Height

Tower Tilt

To prevent mobile scaffolding falling over, steeper slopes need higher scaffold. Angles are usually taken as degrees from vertical with the maximum angle for frame scaffold set at 60 degrees, 70 degrees for tubular scaffold and 80 degrees for a cantilever scaffold.

Load Capacity

Movable scaffold towers’ heights are also affected by load weight supported. Preventing a tower from falling when loaded with heavier weight, requires a more secure and higher scaffold. Weight is taken in pounds per square foot (PSF). As a rule, maximum loads for frame scaffold is 40 psf, 50 psf for tubular scaffold and 60 psf for cantilever scaffold.

Wind Velocity

Fast winds require taller scaffold to prevent it from toppling. Wind speed is measured in kilometres per hour (kph). Approximate maximum wind speeds for frame scaffold is about 30 kph, 50 kph for tubular scaffold and up to 60 kph for cantilever scaffold.


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