Working At Heights?

In order to work at heights, construction projects require various types of scaffolding such as aluminium scaffold or swing stages. They provide a safe and stable area for workers to access different parts of a building site. Working at heights can be highly dangerous, so it’s crucial that you carefully consider the features and requirements of your construction project. To help you out, we’ve listed some of the most important factors to consider.

What Are The Specifications Of Your Project?

Different types of scaffolding may be required at various stages of the construction project. In order to keep your workers safe and make sure everything goes smoothly, you will need to ensure that you are using the right kind of scaffolding. Across all projects, you will need to make sure that the scaffolding you are using is strong, sturdy and resistant to weather conditions like rain and wind. When working on high buildings such as skyscrapers, aluminium scaffolding may not be a practical option. Instead, you should consider using a swing stage that can be hung from the roof of the site using a rope or cable. The platform can be raised or lowered to different heights as needed.

What Is The Terrain Of Your Construction Project?

Queensland is full of hills, so it’s not unusual for a project to be taking place on uneven ground. Working at heights can be very dangerous, and the last thing you need is an accident occurring during your project.  If your job site doesn’t have flat, hard ground where you can safely install aluminium or steel scaffolding, you’ll need to consider alternative options. Suspended scaffolding may be a viable option, as it will allow your workers to move safely to different levels of a building’s exterior regardless of the ground surface.

Is Your Scaffold Company Licensed?

When undertaking any sort of construction work, safety should be your highest priority. This is especially true when working at heights using scaffolding. When you choose a company, you should ensure that they have a license. This license allows the company to erect, alter and dismantle all kinds of scaffolding including modular or prefabricated scaffold, along with suspended or hung platforms. Along with this, you should ensure that any scaffolding adheres to Australian Standard 1576. By doing this, you can ensure that the workers on your site stay out of harm’s way.

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