Why Sidewalk Canopies are Essential in Safe Formwork and Scaffolding Erection

Have you ever heard that mechanical drilling sound ? This kind of sound that leaves you with a headache ? 

You are not even working next to it so why is it causing so much concern ? The reason is because you are walking under a scaffolding tower, in a sidewalk canopy installed to protect you from the debris that could fall and hurt you.


How to build Sidewalk Canopies in Safe Formwork and Scaffolding Erection 


The roof of the sidewalk canopy is built with strong metal frames that can absorb the brunt of any impact. It forms the beginning of a tunnel that can pass through the base of the scaffolding tower. Then, by using inverted U-frames roofed with wooden planks or corrugated steel, it is made into an impact-resistant screen that shields people walking under. 

This is a basic representation of what it’s highly recommended to install. Also, nets can be used as weather-oriented supplementary parts. Of course, workers who are involved in this project must wear safety helmets but it is the duty of the construction agency to assure them that it is a safe place to work.  

As a temporary pedestrian aid, a more advanced one can be set up. It includes an all-encompassing wood-paneled weatherproof tunnel and outfitted with electrical lighting. 

How the Sidewalk Canopies protect the public 


With a shape of a long umbrella-like structure, it protects the sidewalk from threats located above the heads of the unwary public. Ideally, the street should be closed while workers go about their daily duties. But in a busy city, that’s not really happening. 

That is the purpose of the protective screen : stop falling debris, tools or even fine chunks of loose matter from drills that could cause physical harm. 


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