Should You Rent Scaffold?

When it comes to building, maintenance, or any renovation project, being able to safely access heights is essential. Scaffolding provides secure platforms for your staff to work. A few projects might be done with scaffolding you own, however rented scaffold offers flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Here, Complete Scaffold Solutions lists the benefits of our scaffold rental services and suggests situations where renting for access to heights is more suitable.

Is Your Project Suited To Scaffold Rental?

Any type of project can use our scaffold rental. The question is, in what circumstances is renting scaffolding better than buying? It really depends on the requirements of your project, such as:

1. Does Your Project Need A Large Quantity Of scaffolding?

If you have enough scaffolding in a warehouse to erect on a large site then you might be better using your own or buying. However, projects with large amounts of material are well suited to scaffold rental to add capacity for the duration of your project.

2. Does Your Project Need Special Scaffolding Equipment?

Not many builders or developers have every single type of scaffolding equipment on hand. Sometimes, you’ll need specific equipment for just a single project so it makes sense to rent instead of buying parts you may only use infrequently. This also saves on storage and warehousing costs.

3. Does Your Project Have A Well-Defined Timeframe?

If your construction project only needs scaffolding for a relatively short period, renting scaffolding will most likely be best. Generally, a standing time of less than 12 weeks is most suited to rent scaffolding.

Benefits Of Renting Scaffolding

The scaffolding rental services offered by Complete Scaffold Solutions are extremely cost-effective with many advantages including:

• Save Money: Storage and maintenance expenses are decreased

• Increased Flexibility: Scaffolding does not need a major investment. At the end of the project, scaffold is dismantled and returned.

• Timeliness: Rented scaffold can be ordered, delivered and erected at short notice and is perfect for urgent projects.

• Improved Safety: Local scaffolding companies such as Complete Scaffold Solutions invest heavily in ensuring our products are safe and fit for purpose by meeting all applicable Australian Standards.

Contact Your Local Scaffolders

Complete Scaffold Solutions is run by Bradley Jones – an access specialist with decades of construction industry experience. Brad is backed by a team of professionals dedicated to the safety and service of our many clients around Australia. Working on projects or all sizes, we provide complete access solutions for a wide range of domestic, commercial and industrial sites. We are also well-respected and recognised industry leaders for swing stage scaffold and inventors of the NextGEN System. All of our proprietary products are manufactured tothe highest standards from only the finest quality Australian materials. When you are looking for affordable scaffold for your next project, contact the best local scaffolding company for affordable access solutions.

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