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Should I Buy or Rent Scaffold?

Despite all the advice out there, choosing whether to purchase or rent scaffolding is a tough decision that really involves a number of considerations. We recommend doing your research before making a final decision and speaking to the experts at Complete Scaffold Solutions for some unbiased friendly advice. And whichever option you choose, do your due diligence to ensure the scaffolding company where you’re buying or hiring your scaffold from is a legitimate company that adheres to all relevant Australian Safety Standards. We also advise shopping around, however remember that the lowest price isn’t always the best choice as substandard scaffolding could end up costing a great deal more in the event of an accident.


 Hiring Scaffolding


There are certain situations where it could pay to simply hire your scaffolding and related equipment instead of buying it outright. The specific requirements of your project play a major role in deciding to hire or not. Complete Scaffold Solutions would suggest hiring scaffolding in these cases:

  • The work is planned to be completed in under 3 months time
  • Your construction project requires access at large heights
  • The building project requires special access needs due to oddly shaped or curved structures
  • Your team of workers has little or no experience in the erection of scaffold and related equipment

Above are some reasons that many construction companies hire scaffolding instead of outright purchase of access equipment. But please note that hiring scaffolding also comes with some caveats, including:


  • A deposit could be required before you take control of the scaffold which with some companies could be as much as the 2 – 4 week hire fee. Although this can be a substantial upfront cost, it should be re-credited once all scaffold is returned in good condition
  • If you rent scaffolding, you have complete legal responsibility for the duration of the agreement. Any damage, theft or other incident could end up costing you large amounts. Additional security may be needed onsite to protect the scaffold and this adds an extra cost to your project. And remember, any damage to scaffolding, or missing equipment, will be taken out of your initial deposit or charged back to you on top.
  • Finally, if you don’t take good care to keep your hired scaffold clean, the scaffold rental company could charge you a cleaning fee which in itself may not be a small amount.


Buying Scaffold


Now that we’ve looked at the pros and cons of renting or hiring scaffold, it’s time to review factors influencing the decision whether or not to buy scaffold instead. Some considerations in whether or not to purchase scaffold outright straight up include:

  • You expect your project will take greater than 3 months
  • You have on-going work that will require scaffolding
  • Your scaffolding doesn’t required to be erected to great heights
  • The structure you’re working on has a simple shape with no major curves
  • You and your team have experience in erecting scaffold safely

If your project meets the above criteria, then we’d strongly recommend buying scaffold rather than renting access equipment. Despite its higher initial outlay, there are also many advantages to purchasing scaffolding, such as:


  • The scaffolding can be used repeatedly on many different jobs over tie
  • Over the long run, purchasing scaffolding generally works out a lot cheaper than repeatedly renting scaffold
  • Concerns about being charged extra fees for damage no longer apply
  • Scaffolding in good condition also tends to have a good resale or even salvage value.


Contact Complete Scaffold Solutions Now


In this blog, we’ve reviewed the benefits of both renting and buying scaffold. We hope this information helps you make an informed decision so you can choose the best option for your construction project.

For expert advice from one of Australia’s leading scaffolding companies, please get in touch with Complete Scaffold Solutions today on 1300 266 777.

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