What’s The Difference Between Domestic and Commercial Scaffolding?

As you travel around Brisbane or Sydney, chances are would have seen a variety of different types of residential and commercial scaffolding in one form or another. Scaffolding is one of the most important industries in New South Wales and Queensland and it comes in may shapes and sizes.

This said, there are some distinct differences between different types of scaffolding. Most notably, you’ll notice is it’s application – commercial scaffolding or domestic scaffolding.

When choosing which scaffold to hire or buy, deciding whether your structure will be used for residential or commercial purposes is required. Therefore, Complete Scaffold Solutions have described some of the key differences between the two types below so you can choose the best scaffolding for hire, sale or rental.

Commercial Scaffolding

Before getting in the most important differences of commercial and domestic scaffolding, it’s essential to define each word. Commercial scaffolding is usually built on bigger scale than domestic scaffold. In plain English, commercial scaff is simply scaffolding to be used for repairing and constructing the more standard commercial buildings.

Commercial scaffolding can be used on various large sites, including:

  • Skyscrapers
  • Corporate offices
  • Construction sites
  • Inside shopping centres

Almost always, commercial scaffolding is taller than domestic and often has gantries to protect the general public below. There are especially strict workplace health and safety regulations for all commercial scaffolding applications.

In summary, commercial scaffolding includes just about any structure fixed to or attached to a commercial grade building or other large structure.

Residential Scaffolding

Domestic forms of scaffolding tend to be used on a much smaller scale than commercial scaffold. It is usually used on smaller premises, such as:

  • Flats
  • Houses
  • Apartment buildings
  • Small shops
  • Fences

Although they are significantly smaller than commercial scaffolding, domestic scaffold can still be facing the general public and it’s needed that we still follow all workplace health and safety procedures and regulations. With the appropriate measures in place, the safety of your workers, residents and building structures will be maintained.

Differenced Between Scaffolds

The key differences between commercial and domestic scaffold is the complexity and size. Scaffolding contractors and passer bys are generally at a greater risk with commercial scaffolding on large properties in public areas as these structures are usually taller and need to be more rigid and well balanced.

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