How To Prevent The Most Common Scaffolding Mistakes

Did you know that falls are the leading cause of death in the Australian construction industry every year?


For many of us, scaffolding is not just an essential material for our projects, but also a challenging system to manage. To make sure ourselves and our workers remain safe, it’s important to look at any dangerous actions we take and focus on safety.


Not Identifying Safety Hazards & Avoiding Preventable Risks

A major mistake when it comes to scaffolding is failing to identify risks to construction workers in the planning stage. Workplace hazards like unstable equipment, collapse risks, electrocution, and other dangerous conditions such as slopes, toxic gasses or heavy rain need to be properly evaluated and dealt with during the planning stage. Without addressing these issues, your workers can be put in dangerous situations and project profitability can be reduced due to changes needing to be made once construction is underway.

To prevent this scaffolding mistake, you’ll need to strategically design a plan with a detailed risk assessment. Complete Scaffold Solutions can help identify risks and design the safest possible scaffolding system for your project to ensure your workers have the safest structure to work on.


Failing To Follow Safety Guidelines

Apart from not identifying safety hazards during the design phase, a frequent mistake on many projects is failing to stick to the relevant guidelines and standards for each scaffolding type. In conjunction with general safety advice, these help maximise construction worker protection. Not adhering to these standards not only breaks construction safety laws, it also presents serious risks for your scaffolders and the general public.

To prevent this scaffolding mistake, it’s essential to follow scaffolding plans strictly and manage your project closely so all structures comply with regulations and standards.


Constructing Scaffolds Incorrectly

Incorrect scaffold structures include things such as the wrong attachment points, structure overloading, failure to use the right parts, or just simply not following the original scaffold plan. These practices are extremely dangerous and can result in the scaffolding being unstable which may lead to the structure collapsing.

This can easily happen more often than it should as scaffold designs are quite complex and some mistakes in implementing them are inevitable. However, Complete Scaffold Solutions can help prevent this mistake with our clear and easy-to-understand designs. We communicate our scaffolding plans clearly to all our scaffolders to ensure correct assembly.


Use Of Low-Quality Scaffolding 

It’s essential that quality is never put after cost or time savings. Using old scaffold you have lying around or using cheap tools could cross your mind if the project is overbudget or behind schedule, however consequences could put safety at risk. Second grade materials result in weaker scaffold systems and may collapse.

To prevent this scaffolding mistake, you should use quality scaffold from a company with a proven track record. Complete Scaffold Solutions manufactures our own proprietary brand of scaffolding locally from quality Australian made materials. You can rely on our systems to ensure your scaffold structures are safe and risks to workers are reduced.


Scaffold Hire and Sales Solutions

Scaffolding can be hazardous without proper planning and execution. However, when you partner with Complete Scaffold Solutions you can rest assured you’re dealing with professionals with decdes of combined experience in the construction industry. Our high-quality aluminium scaffolding is available for rental and sale throughout Australia and we are one of the country’s leading swing stage manufacturers. For all your access requirements, please contact Complete Scaffold Solutions today on 1300 266 777.

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