Considerations When You’re Going to Buy an Aluminium Scaffold Tower

Aluminium scaffold towers are widely used pieces of scaffolding equipment you may rent or buy. They have many uses on construction sites around the country, especially in Sydney and Brisbane. As an example, rigging lights for a concert or event and even installing air conditioners can make use of this type of scaffold. That’s why Complete Scaffold Solutions have written this blog so you’re aware of important considerations before you buy or rent aluminium scaffold towers.


Factors To Consider When Renting or Buying Aluminium Mobile Scaffold


Material Quality

Although cheap scaffolding looks attractive from a financial perspective, it’s guaranteed to be of lower quality. Not only does this mean your scaffolding won’t last as long, it could also put the public, your workers and your company at risk. By buying the best quality aluminium mobile scaffold you can afford, you’ll get many years use which will also reduce long-term repair and replacement costs. Complete Scaffold Solutions supplies quality Australian made aluminium mobile scaffold towers from local materials with no foreign imports. Our scaffolding is designed and manufactured in-house according to the latest engineering specifications and meets all relevant Australian standards. Please give us a call on 1300 266 777 to discuss your scaffolding needs now.


Ensure Scaffold Meets Australian Safety Standards

In any job, workplace health and safety is important. This is especially important for construction sites and even more so for scaffolders working at heights. Therefore, it is essential to make sure the scaffolding you buy meets and exceeds AS1576. Additionally, the purchase of mobile aluminium scaffold should take into consideration a wide variety of the other OH &S Regulations needed to be adhered to. Complete Scaffold Solutions can give you expert advice on the safest use of your new scaffolding to keep everyone safe. Please give a call on 1300 266 777 and have a chat about how we can help.


Tried & Tested Manufacturing Systems

Using the latest manufacturing systems in producing aluminium scaffold towers ensures a quality product. Complete Scaffold Solutions produce strong and rigid aluminium scaffold tower by using some of the most advanced techniques and we even have additional options to improve the stability and safety of your scaffolding further. Please contact Complete Scaffold Solutions on 1300 266 777 to find out more about our manufacturing process and how we provide the highest quality access equipment.


Make Sure The Aluminium Scaffold Tower Is Fit For Use

Complete Scaffold Solutions manufacture and stock a wide variety of aluminium scaffold towers for rent and purchase. We can offer you professional unbiased advice on the best size and most appropriate specifications for the project you’re undertaking. Our aluminium scaffold towers come with various specifications in terms of width and length and we’d be happy to advise you on the best one. Working at heights requires a strong and stable scaffolding tower and our equipment fits that bill with quality Aussie aluminium, secure locks and anti-slip stair treads. Please call Complete Scaffold Solutions on 1300 266 777 to learn more about our products.


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