How Do Scaffold Inspections Improve Worker Safety?

Regular scaffold inspections are a key element of maintaining the safety of your workers, the public and temporary access structures. The importance of scheduled scaffolding inspections and maintenance cannot be underrated, especially during scaffold systems assembly. That said, it’s imperative that frequent detailed inspections are undertaken of the scaffolding structure once erected as well. This helps ensure your access solutions remain in the best possible condition. Scaffold that passes inspections can be considered safe for use for entire period of your project. There are many different factors that can affect the structural integrity of a scaffolding system including:

  • Worksite conditions
  • The prevalent weather conditions
  • Accidents and other unforeseen circumstances
  • Other hazards common to construction sites

These factors have the potential to occur at any time and the ability to affect the strength and stability of an access structure. The following guide discusses the topic of scaffold system inspections and how to maintain the safety of your systems.


Scaffolding Inspection Requirements


It’s important to know that as scaffold is being used over a longer period of time, the need for more regular inspections becomes more important for its structural integrity and safety.


Scaffold Inspections for Over 4 Metres

There are many different types of scaffolding that can be used to reach over 4 metres where there’s potential for a worker or equipment to fall, including:

  • Suspended scaffolding
  • Cantilevered scaffold
  • Hung scaffold
  • Swing stages
  • Spur scaffolding
  • Plus many additional models of scaffolding systems


Prior to having workers or anyone else access these types of scaffolding, formal written confirmation must be received from a deemed competent person. This confirmation must certify that the scaffolding system has been completed to standards and the initial inspection states the structure is safe for use.


Regular Inspections by a Competent Person

At the very least, a deemed competent person must re-inspect the scaffolding system each 30 day period. However, If there are workplace health and safety concerns or another incident could have affected the structural integrity of the elevated access system, a further inspection is required to be conducted prior to any further use of the scaffold. Additionally, when repairs are carried out on any scaffold component, it will also need to be re-inspected again prior to use.

More importantly, when inspection of a scaffolding system identifies a notable workplace health and safety risks, all repairs, modifications or extra additions need to be completed be a scaffold is allowed to be used again. Once this has been completed, a deemed competent person must inspect the scaffold again and re-certify that it’s safe for use.


Handover Inspections

It is a requirement to conduct a detailed handover inspection when scaffold have just been assembled or repairs or undergone any modification or had additional components added. Usual practice requires handover inspections to be confirmed in writing on a Handover Certificate by a deemed capable person. Also note that Handover Certificates must be keep on site for the duration that the scaffolding is in use and until dismantled.


Inspection of Scaffold in Storage

Not only does already erected scaffold require inspection, but that keep in storage also must be checked. Regular maintenance on the equipment used for your project also needs to include looking at unused scaffolding. As is often the case, scaffold stored in areas that are exposed to the elements,  may be subject to rusting or other problems. Therefore, it’s essential to inspect it prior to use and keep accessible records onsite. The type of information that should be included in an inspection record is the:

  • Date and time of inspection
  • Location of the scaffold
  • Any notes
  • Specification details of the scaffold
  • Name and position of person conducting the inspection


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