Everything You Should Know About Deconstructing Scaffolding Brisbane

Everything You Should Know About Deconstructing Scaffolding

When it is assembled properly, scaffolding is very safe for those who use it. Even though it is designed to be used temporarily, scaffolding systems will remain effective for long periods of time in the right hands. Proper care is required throughout the entire use of scaffolding – along with correct construction and use during the job process, you must also ensure that you dismantle it properly.

Scaffolding contractors are in charge of removing the platform, and there is no room for error or shortcuts available during this process. Even when the job is done and each worker has moved onto the next project, badly dismantled scaffolding will cause damage to the property and hassles for any remaining workers on site. With this in mind, it is essential that correct procedure is strictly followed during the dismantling process.

Dismantling work holds just as many hazards as the installation process. It takes a lot of experience before a worker is qualified enough to oversee deconstruction. The first step of this job is to undertake a structural check. Ensure that all necessary components are firmly attached and identity any parts that may have been destabilised during the job process. Make sure planks are properly secured and that fasteners have been applied properly. Beginning from the top, all ties and braces will be dismantled one by one. While this process goes on, you should have a fall prevention system in place. Because this job occurs from the top down, this fall prevention frame must be used until all other sections have been properly removed.

Some of these points may appear to be obvious, but lapses of common sense are not a rare occurrence with some workers. Never make the assumption that your employees are completely competent – to be safe, you should assume the worst, With this in mind, the worst possible action that workers could take is throwing or dropping dismantled parts to the ground. This is completely unsafe – your scaffolding could be damaged or workers on the ground could get injured. Rather than mindlessly throwing equipment down onto the ground, you should ensure that your employees use ropes, platforms and level-to-level manpower to get pieces back onto the ground safely.

Before scaffolding is dismantled, make sure your workers have taken their tools and other construction materials from platforms. You also have to ensure that support assemblies that bind the scaffold together have been properly disengaged. In the event of harsh weather conditions like rain and strong wind, you should leave the dismantling process to another day. If you don’t, you’re putting yourself and your workers at serious risk.


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