Typical Construction Scaffold

High-quality scaffolding is crucial – it gives your workers a strong platform to use while undertaking repairs or construction on large buildings. Your scaffolding must be structurally sound to ensure that your workers are safe while working on different levels. It will also keep workers who are operating at the base of the building out of harm’s way.


Complete Scaffold Solutions design and fabricate our own state-of-the-art modular scaffolding for use on all kinds of construction projects. Additionally, all of our products are engineer-certified and meet or exceed Australian Standard 1576. We are the market leaders when it comes to strength, adaptability, safety and convenience.


There are a variety of different scaffolding systems that are used in construction projects. We have listed the most common ones below.


Fixed Scaffolding:

This type of scaffolding sits in one location and does not move. It is best suited to longer term projects.


Cantilever Scaffolding:

This scaffolding is connected by only one piece.


Mobile Scaffolding:

As the name suggests, this scaffolding is designed to be more portable than other varieties.


Birdcage Scaffolding:

This system is contains two strings of rods or beams which sit at right angles to each other and are connected by two flat sections – generally ledgers or windowpanes.


Suspended Scaffolding:

Suspended scaffolding is hung from the top of a building by cords and consist of pulleys, switches and levers.


Supported Scaffolding:

This scaffolding is built from the bottom up and contains poles and timber.


Aerial Lift Scaffolding:

Aerial lift are elevated platforms which can be moved up and down to different heights.



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