How Does Scaffolding And Formwork Differ?

Framework and Scaffolding Differences

Many people throw around the terms scaffolding and framework without really understanding them in depth. In the construction industry, these two systems are very different. These two words refer to temporary structures used on a construction site for very different purposes. It’s important for the layman as well as those in the industry to understand what they are and how they are used on projects. This blog will explain the most important differences of scaffolding and formwork.



  • Formwork System

Formwork is a structure used temporarily to mould concrete in an area so it is shaped and has time to strengthen. It uses sheets to build structures such as walls and slabs.

  • Scaffolding System

Scaffolding are temporarily erected structures providing a working area and platform for materials. It can be placed all around a building to do maintenance and repair work. Scaffolding can also be used in deep trenches as well as high rise buildings.



  •  Formwork System

There are two main types of formwork – the wood and steel kinds.

  • Wooden formwork is composed of timber sheeting, planks, battens, props and ledgers.
  • Steel formwork includes sheets, tee iron and angle iron.


  • Scaffolding System

Scaffold has six main kinds, namely single, double, cantilever, steel, ladder and suspended.

  • Tubular steel scaffolds

Made from steel tubes and clamps or coupler to hold pipes together. It also uses prop nuts, bolts, washers, clips and wedges.


  • Cantilever scaffolding

This type of scaffold is made from standards, putlogs, struts and plate forms. Cantilever scaffolding is used to access heights.


  • Single scaffold

Single scaffolds are made from standards, wooden boards, braces, ledgers and putlogs. These are common built around lower structures.


  • Double scaffolds

Double scaffolding includes two rows of standards with shores and are more common for jobs requiring high access.


  • Ladder scaffolding

This includes brackets for the platform.


  • Suspended scaffolds or swing stages

This type of scaffold includes working platforms suspended by ropes. Ropes are raised mechanically and this type of scaffold can be used to finish a building or perform lighter repair, maintenance or construction work on a tall structure.


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