Tips for Working Safely on Scaffolding

Construction work can be dangerous and the industry has some of the highest injuries and fatalities rates around the country. Therefore, it’s important that your workers are trained in safe work practices for themselves and their workmates. This is especially important when working at heights on scaffolding. When working above the ground, the chance of injuries increases and care must be taken to educate workers about the dangers of accidents.

Using the best Australian-made scaffold available, like that from Complete Scaffold Solutions, is the first step. However, instilling safe working behaviours in your employees and contractors is also essential. We have put together the six points below to help you inform your workers of appropriate practices when working on scaffolding so everyone gets home safe to their families at the end of the day.


Implement Measures to Prevent Falls

Falling from an elevated work platform can result in tragic consequences and steps should be taken to avoid the risks of this accident. Preventing falls needs to happen in the initial stages before any of your workers are allowed to access the scaffolding. For example, every level of your scaffold system will need a three-part side guard including a toe board, guardrail and middle rail.  Additionally, as a further measure to prevent falls, trip hazards should be removed from the working platforms before beginning work.

Prevent Injuries from Falling Objects

Despite all the warnings, some workers may still take the quicker and easier option of dropping items down from raised scaffolding instead of walking it down. This situation can be extremely dangerous for those on the ground or lower platforms. It’s important to educate your workers on the dangers of throwing objects off scaffolding and require them to safely bring down the objects themselves.

Use Proper Systems of Stairs and Ladders

Moving from each level of an elevated work platform needs to be done safely at all times. Your workers will not be able to move up and down your scaffold system safely without suitable ladders, stairs or stair towers. Workers also need to be warned about the dangers of jumping between levels or from lower levels of scaffolding to the ground.

Inform Workers of Scaffolding Load Capacity

High quality scaffolding like that manufactured by Complete Scaffold Solutions can carry a lot of weight. That said, everyone in the construction crew working on your access system needs to be made aware of the maximum load capacity of your elevated work platforms. They should be informed that they can only bring materials onto scaffold that can be safely supported.

Don’t Make Changes to Scaffold Once Erected

Stability of any scaffold system is essential to prevent collapse and other accidents. After your scaffolding company puts up your access system, you’ll need to let workers know not to modify it in any way while it is in use. This includes not removing anchors, scaffold decks or side guards.

However, that said, in those cases where it’s essential to modify your scaffolding system, it is extremely important that it must not be accessed until after it has been inspected and certified as safe by competent person.

Train Workers to Report Scaffolding Defects

Sometimes even the best scaffolding can develop defects or not be 100% safe. Therefore, it’s essential for the safety of your workers and the public that all defects or damage to scaffolds are immediately reported to your scaffolding company and site office. This way, the chance of accidents is reduced and staff will be protected.


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