How To Avoid Common Scaffold Hazards

Scaffold accidents are preventable however they often occur from the same common scaffolding hazards. In fact, some estimates state if all construction sites complies with current WHS standards, tens of lives could be saved and many accidents prevented every year.


Proper training and education and well as the right equipment with correct usage are all important to eliminate scaffolding accidents and reduce common risks. Some of the most common scaffolding hazards are listed below, as are some of the best practices to avoid them:


Falls from an Elevation:

Guardrails, personal fall arrest systems, and fall prevention systems are all useful in preventing falls, injuries and deaths. Selecting the best equipment that meets current safety standards then installing and using it properly as intended is essential. However, by far the most important consideration is education and training. Your employees must be properly trained in the safe use of systems in order for them to be effective and prevent falls.


Collapsing or Overturning Scaffolding:

Scaffolding tends to collapse because it’s overloaded, improperly assembled, or it has faulty components. These highly engineered products have been designed to be installed and erected in specific configurations to support specified loads. It’s important you follow the instructions provided by Complete Scaffold Solutions carefully and take into account the weight of workers and materials. It’s also essential to consider the buildings or structures that may be used to support the scaffold nd make sure they’re capable of supporting the maximum intended load. To prevent overturning, it’s essential to properly tie or guy your scaffolds. Extra care must be taken when adding an enclosure to scaffolding to secure it with additional ties or guys to make up for the increased wind loading. It’s also essential you let your workers know to never ride a rolling scaffold. The scaffold design engineers at Complete Scaffold Solutions will ensure your scaffolding is properly constructed.


Falling Tools and Equipment

Sometimes tools, work materials, or debris may fall and there could be a risk of striking someone down below. Complete Scaffold Solutions can help install toe boards or equivalent devices to help prevent injuries caused by falling items. If your work materials will be stacked higher than the toe boards or other people will be working or passing under the scaffolds, we can provide a strong safety screen or a similar device to keep objects from falling and causing injuries. We also highly recommend securing or removing all materials before dismantling or moving scaffolds.


Electrocution is another common scaffold hazards. We recommend never using scaffolds near electrical power lines unless you have first consulted with a knowledgeable, qualified expert. And whenever you must use power tools or temporary electrical wiring, be careful and obtain the proper training ahead of time and make sure all tools are tested and tagged.


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