Use of Scaffolding for Different Projects

If you are a project manager handling a big or small construction project or major renovation, chances are you’ll need scaffolding if the work cannot be completed from the ground. Building a proper scaffolding structure prior to your multi-storey construction projects is therefore essential. With suitable scaffold you’ll enjoy improved worker safety, job efficiency and productivity.


Projects that Require Scaffolding


Scaffolding is used in a wide variety of construction related activities. Although accessibility and safety are top priorities, there are many other advantages too. Let us look at some of the activities where scaffolding structures are vital.

Multi-Storey Construction and Renovation Projects


An appropriate scaffolding system helps accomplish projects safely within the required timeframes. If your construction workers need to access high work platforms or roofs to complete their work, the right scaffolding makes it super easy.


Cleaning or Painting a High-Rise Building


Cleaning and painting high-rise buildings can be a tough job or simply impossible without the correct scaffolding. Whether it is for tall commercial buildings, hotels, offices, or retail stores, your priority should be to arrange the proper scaffolding from a trusted scaffolding company such as Complete Scaffold Solutions.


Painters may need to work heights on certain structures and scaffolding is best option for  the exteriors and interiors of tall buildings. Safely constructed scaffolds also serve as excellent working platforms for other trades, especially allowing them to freely move around and work whilst using their tools and equipment with minimal risk.


Building Inspections


Many building inspections also require scaffolding to check the integrity of structures. Installation of correct safety equipment, such as scaffolding, may also help with these types of inspections. Without adequate access to these structures, inspection procedures can become quite challenging. Installing scaffold helps building inspectors in analysing structures located hundreds of metres above the ground. Depending on the unique access requirements, static or mobile scaffold may be called for or even a swing stage.


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