Quick Tips for Safe Scaffolding Setup

Well-installed scaffolding is essential for the safety of workers on any project. Scaffolding is already potentially hazardous due to the great heights involved, but many people are unaware of the dangers that can arise from scaffolding which has been set up incorrectly. One small error can have gigantic consequences, such as workers requiring hospitalisation after breaking bones or worse in a fall. There are all kinds of other hazards associated with scaffolding erection, so workers must be risk-averse and aware of their surroundings. We’ve listed six of the best ways to ensure scaffolding is set up safely.


Find a flat area to erect scaffolding


In order for scaffolding to do its job, it must be set up on a flat surface. Erecting scaffolding on unstable or uneven surfaces can put your entire team at risk of injury. Ensuring that you choose an appropriate set-up location is crucial.


Ensure safety equipment is in use


Just like any other construction site, you will need to ensure that your workers are using safety equipment like goggles, hard hats or gloves, You will also need to make sure that construction materials like handrails and ladders have been furnished correctly. Overlooking this tip could put your entire team in harms’ way.



Use clear signage near the work site


It’s not just the safety of your workers that you need to worry about – members of the public must be aware when they are near a construction site. Setting up scaffolding can take a long time, so it’s best if you can keep pedestrians away during this process. Using street closure barriers or brightly coloured signage are one of the best ways to do this.



Check your scaffolding


Before you begin setting up, your scaffolds must be properly inspected to avoid issues in the future. During some longer projects, scaffolding may get damaged or begin to corrode. As a result, you should undertake daily evaluations of your scaffolding. This way, you will be able to remove any sections which have become dangerous to use.


Adhere to safe work methods


Once you’ve followed all the steps above, the only thing left to do is set up the scaffolding structure. This process can take quite a while, but everything will go smoothly if your workers follow the correct methods.

For example, all scaffolders need to be clipped on or working inside a designated handling platform. Using safety harnesses is also common on construction sites involving scaffolding. One of the most important steps when setting up scaffolding is that it must be tied into a stable, solid structure. You will need to ensure that ladders, ledgers and guardrails are placed securely around the structure of the scaffolding.



Monitor and supervise workers


Even if your workers are knowledgeable and experienced with scaffolding work, they still need to be trained regularly. Monitoring your workers will help you ensure that the scaffolding set up process is followed correctly and safely during the entirety of the process. Following these tips will ensure that your workers and the public will be safe when accessing or travelling near your scaffolding site.



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Installing your scaffolding properly is crucial for the safety of your workers and the efficiency of your project. By following the tips we’ve listed above, you’ll be able to avoid accidents and damage on your work site. For scaffold hire and sales in Brisbane and Sydney, get in contact with Complete Scaffold Solutions by calling 1300 266 777 today.

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