Scaffolding Inspection and Maintenance According to Australian Standards

In order to guarantee scaffolds are in proper operating condition at all times, certain rules must be put in place for inspecting and maintaining for them. The team at Complete Scaffold Solution have provided you with the following guide for scaffold inspection and maintenance to assist you.


Inspection of Scaffolding Over Four Metres


You should not use cantilevered, suspended, hung or spur scaffolding. In fact, you should avoid any scaffold where an object or a person could fall from a height of more than four metres before a qualified person has inspected them. If a person has not received written confirmation that scaffolding is safe, it shall not be used. A full inspection must take place after any repair work is undertaken prior to use of the scaffold. While being used, the scaffold must receive an inspection no less than every 30 days. When an inspection finds that the scaffold or related supports could result in injuries you need to take the following actions:


  • Any problems must be dealt with repairs, additions or change
  • The scaffold and its supports must receive another inspection by a qualified person before it is used


Restricting Access


You must always keep unauthorised people from using scaffold whether it is incomplete, complete, attended or unattended to avoid injury or fatality. Only people authorised to walk or work on scaffold should do so for the sake of safety. If an incident occurs, the scaffolds must be checked immediately to find out what occurred and what steps need to be taken, if any, to restore the original condition of the scaffold.


Hand-over Inspections


This type of inspection occurs after the scaffold is built to guarantee that it was installed correctly and is one hundred percent safe for the workers to use. This is another example of a time that a written confirmation is essential before letting workers use the scaffold.


Post Inspection Routine


After the handover is finished, an inspection will need to be conducted every thirty days. It is extremely important to notice any signs of corrosion from weather exposure too during these inspections as it can weaken the structure just as much as other issues can if not addressed promptly.


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