Types Of Scaffolding For Different Construction Projects

Many builders struggle to decide which type of scaffolding is most suited to low-rise construction projects. It’s easy to find advice for high-rise scaffolding systems, however not so easy with low-rise projects. Like all elevated work platforms, safety procedures and guarding your workers whilst onsite should be the number one priority. Even low-rise buildings require effective supported scaffolding setups, so if you’re not sure which ones to use, please get in touch with Complete Scaffold Solutions today on 1300 266 777 for expert advice.


Supported Scaffolding Systems


This staging solution involves multiple platforms stacked atop of each other. In between each platforms, there’s space for your team of workers to access the next level. With the appearance of a grid, these scaffolding systems possess a square balanced frame usually manufactured from galvanized pipes. With this type of scaffolding system, ladders are often fastened to rigid vertical sections of the frame at a slight angle. Alternatively, lightweight flights of staggered stairs may be used to allow access to each level.


Professional Swing Stage Scaffolding


Another solution is what’s known as suspended scaffolding or swing stage scaffold. This type of scaffold is basically a platform suspended by cables from an overhead structure. These scaffold systems are usually reserved for higher access needs and where there are obstructions below that make traditional systems unsuitable. For example, there may be large trees or other buildings that negate the use of a standard scaffolding solution. Swing stages work best if the building in question has a flattened rooftop that allows assembly before being lowered. Complete Scaffold Solutions have pioneered the Next Gen Swing Stage system allowing even easier access to high rise buildings and for other projects with difficult to reach locations. Please contact us today for swing stage sales and hire.


Cantilever Scaffolding Sales and Hire


Cantilever scaffolding, also known as needle scaffolding, is a type of scaffolding that forms a separate scaffold built out on an angle from a structure. This scaffolding is usually situated near balconies for easy access to external areas. This type of staging is popular for smaller jobs but is not always practical for high-rise scaffolding as there may be some off-centre loading issues. Cantilever scaffolding is specifically used when the foundation presents obstacles or there are narrow pathways that hinder setting up scaffolding directly on the ground. The major benefit of cantilever scaffolding is its cost and time effectiveness in circumstances where surfaces do not facilitate the erection of a regular scaffolding system.


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As one of Australia’s leading suppliers of all types of access systems with offices in both Sydnet and Brisbane, you can rely on Complete Scaffold Solutions to provide expert advice and products for your next construction project. We custom manufacture a wide variety of scaffolding including modular aluminium scaffold and steel systems, and we are Australia’s leading swing stage specialists. For all your scaffolding sales and hire needs, please contact Complete Scaffold Solutions today on 1300 266 777.

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