Why Stairtowers are important for scaffolding systems

Much like the hallway in your house, hiring a temporary stairtower system are important scaffolding interfaces, although they go up. Stairtowers give your workers a safe passageway to access at-heights areas. They do this through a collection of angled access aids. Basically, they are scaffolding stairs by any other name that make heights accessible tower. The ascending corridor or elevating passageway provided by temporary stairtower systems maximizes at-height accessibility so trade work can be performed safely.



Stair Towers Scaffold Hire


When cross members and scaffold platforms re going up with a building that’s under construction, access management can be a little tricky. It’s essential a competent person professionally assesses frame stability after a scaff access point has been put up. However, there is the possibility of adding an alternative access tower which is safely coupled to the scaffolding mainframe. This can add extra entry points.


Elevated Height Access for Construction Services


We all know that electrical services and air con ducts are concealed up high and temporary stair tower systems can be used by electricians to gain access to install wiring and lighting fixtures. It is possible to join multiple stair towers in alignment in bigger areas and large rooms rooms to help trades conduct their work. For example, painters usually come in after all the electrical and HVAC work has been done and stair towers also help with access to heights in this situation.


Temporary Stair Towers for Maintenance Work


When weekend warriors use stepladders to work around the home, temporary stairtower systems may be more effective than a simple ladder. Caged scaffold is more accessible and easier to climb with a platform at the top for tools and work material. Maintenance trades can use temporary stairtower frames to check air conditioners, replace fluorescent tubes and test smoke alarms. Roofer and glaziers may also find this type of scaffolding to be a viable option.


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