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Everything You Need To Know About Scaffolding Rental

Rental scaffolding should be treated with care. Frameworks and fittings should never be left in areas where they can be exposed to the elements, and they should be treated with the same respect that you would give to your own equipment. Each different aspect of the scaffolding must be checked and maintained before receipting into your storage facility.



Ensure That You Are Aware Of Company Endorsements


Before spending time and effort driving around, be sure to take a look at the websites of different scaffolding companies so you can find their endorsements. If you are unable to locate information about company endorsements, you should aim to speak to several contractors in the local area. It is crucial that you use a company with a good reputation such as Complete Scaffold Solutions when renting scaffolding.


Only Use Companies Which Are Licensed And Qualified


Before getting down to the specific details of scaffolding, it is important that you choose to work with a licensed and qualified company such as Complete Scaffold Solutions. Your rental company should usually have a team of trained scaffolding erectors. If you are going to be working at heights greater than four metres, a company will need a high-risk work license. More often than not, scaffolding is erected several stories high so this license is absolutely essential. Since scaffolding is quite a dangerous job, use professionals with full liability insurance policies.



Ensure That High Quality Scaffolding Materials Are In Use


Any scaffolding gear that you plan to use must be properly maintained. You should inspect it before choosing to rent, and make sure to check where it is being stored. Ideally, scaffolding for rental use should be kept in a dry and well-covered area. The structure of the scaffolding should be organised in a tidy manner and ready for dispatch. Watch out for hire yards which are filled with generic scaffolding equipment. Branded scaffolding, such as those provided by Complete Scaffold Solutions, are better as they generally come with a range of safety measures such as handrails and toe boards.



Ensure All Scaffold Components Present


There are few things more frustrating than paying for scaffolding rental and erecting it, only to discover that a vital part is missing. Even a missing single tool or toe board can be the difference between a safe work site and a dangerous one. A trustworthy scaffolding rental service will ensure that all parts are accounted for before renting out equipment. At Complete Scaffold Solutions we have detailed procedures in place to ensure all scaffolding rented out is fit for use and safe.




Contact Australia’s Best Scaffolding Rental Company


Complete Scaffold Solutions are your go-to scaffolding rental experts in Brisbane. We manufacture our own proprietary brand of aluminium scaffolding and swing stages using high-quality Australian materials. When you hire scaffolding from us, you can rest assured that all necessary components will be present and that equipment has been stored in an appropriate environment. We are fully licensed and qualified with a team of expert scaffolding erectors working for us. Complete Scaffold Solutions are dedicated to ensuring that your scaffolding rental is safe for your job site and workers. Our entire team are also trained in the latest Workplace Health & Safety regulations to ensure scaffolding is erected correctly. Get in contact with Complete Scaffold Solutions today by calling 0411 692 601 or sending an email to salesqld@compss.com.au.


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