What Is Required to Be A Professional Scaffolder?

Scaffolding professionals have a number of important requirements. Clearly, demonstrated capability isn’t a skill that can be learned from books – scaffolding involves complicated mechanical structures with many lives at stake. Usually, an understanding of engineering is essential for a scaffolder. Undoubtedly, it is important to be well informed on methods of protecting at-height workers or hazard identification during scaffolding set-up, but there is far more to being a scaffolder than theoretical knowledge.



Scaffolders Should Have Basic Engineering Experience


Scaffolding is an interconnected grid of hollow aluminium or steel tubes – it’s no wonder engineering principles are useful! It’s just like any other structure, apart from the fact that it is disassembled after use. In order to properly manage a complicated framework like scaffolding, a backbone of engineering knowledge is crucial. Essentially, the fastening mechanisms and supporting beams put force on each other, and this force must remain balanced so the structure does not become unstable.


Scaffolders Should Have Versatility and Flexibility


Customisable scaffolding towers will be adapted in shape and configuration to each new construction project, so an industry professional would benefit greatly from personality traits such as flexibility and versatility. Change is a constant in this industry, and anybody who has worked with scaffolding will know that no two jobs are ever the same.


With this in mind, a flexible nature and a practical mind are must-have traits in the scaffolding industry. Although theoretical knowledge of engineering and health-and-safety practices are important, they do not necessarily form a basis for repeated success. Simulations and manuals are useful, but they cannot do the hard work for you. A well-equipped scaffolding expert uses all of these resources in their stride, but only in combination with time-proven practical skills.


Scaffolding work is a representation of the best that engineering can achieve. Mathematical understanding helps to keep workers safe with well-placed ground frames and properly assessed soil conditions. It also helps during assembly and disassembly, with each piece of framing and individual tubing snapping in place and fastening to the next section to form a safe and reliable platform for workers to utilise.


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