Why Use Aluminium Scaffolding?

By definition, scaffolding enables workers to repair or construct internally or externally on a building. There are many different types of scaffold including stair towers, pedestrian gantries, swing stages and house wrap scaffolding – just to name some. In the past, most scaffold was fabricated from steel and although this type of scaffolding is extremely strong, it is also quite heavy and more difficult to erect. More recently, scaffolding has been manufactured from other materials, including from aluminium. Complete Scaffold Solutions fabricate our own proprietary brand of aluminium scaffolding in our Brisbane factory – ready for dispatch nationwide for projects. All our products are manufactured from only the best local materials and is 100% Australian made scaffolding. We do not believe in using cheap imports and putting workers and the public at risk. For the highest quality Aussie scaffolding, please call Complete Scaffold Solutions on 1300 266 777.


So, you may be asking yourself why you should choose aluminium scaffold instead of its steel counterpart. Read on to find out the advantages aluminium scaffold has over that made from steel.


What Is Aluminium Scaffold Used For?

Because of its high strength to weight ratio, aluminium scaffold has many uses in the construction industry. The constant evolution of aluminium scaffold technology and manufacturing processes has seen it become the preferred scaffolding choice across a broad range of access applications. As a lightweight scaffolding solution, aluminium scaffold is able to be used both inside and outside and its strength means its possible applications include both major and smaller projects. Not only can aluminum scaffolding be used as supporting structures, its ease light weight means that it’s quicker to erect and dismantle which can save you a substantial amount of money in labour costs. In fact, erection time can be cut in half or more. For larger projects, the speed of erection can help improve the turnaround time and assist in cutting down project timelines.


Why Is Aluminium Scaffold So Good?

There are many benefits to choosing to use aluminium scaffold Firstly, it is a light-weight scaffolding system that makes moving it so much quicker and easier. Secondly, it’s also extremely strong and stable, meaning you can use it on almost any site and you can rest assured your workers will be protected. Thirdly, aluminium has the ability to reduce the number of pieces of equipment required on a project which in turn can have a positive influence on cash flow. Not only that, but aluminium scaffold can have lower overall maintenance costs because the moisture in the air doesn’t cause it to rust the way steel scaffolding does. Finally, worker productivity can be increased due to the easy manoeuvrability of aluminium scaffolds.


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Aluminium scaffold certainly has a lot going for it. If you’re looking to buy aluminium scaffold or even rent aluminium scaffolding at a great price, please get in touch with us today. Complete Scaffold Solutions is one of the country’s leading providers of access equipment and is led by Brad Jones who has over 20 years in the industry. As a manufacturer of our own proprietary brand of quality Australian made scaffolding, we have the answers to your construction problems. We’re also considered the nation’s foremost swing stage scaffold experts which we make available for sale and hire. For your next project, please contact Complete Scaffold Solutions on 1300 266 777 and consider your access issues a thing of the past.

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