Safe Work Practices When Hiring Scaffold

Sometimes it’s necessary to remind all employers of the need to ensure that all scaffolding is safe to be used at all times to avoid tragedy. 


The specific requirements for scaffold and scaffolding work are located in the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011. 

Scaffolding work is defined as high-risk work and divided into three levels : basic, intermediate and advanced ; depending on the different levels of risk and the different techniques required. Alteration, use and dismantling of scaffold exposes workers to the risk of serious falls or being struck by falling objects. It requires scaffolders to be appropriately licensed. 

For all high-risk construction work, including any construction work that involves the risk of a person falling more than two metres, safe work method statements are required. 


What is the role of the person managing or controlling scaffolding ?  

They must ensure that the scaffold is not used unless they receive written confirmation from a competent person that the construction of the scaffold has been safely completed. It’s their responsibility to ensure that the scaffold and its supporting structure are inspected by a competent person before : 

  •   The first utilisation 
  •   Use after an incident that may reasonably be expected to affect the stability of the scaffold
  •   Use is resumed after repairs
  •   At least every 30 days.

If an inspection indicates that the scaffold or the supporting structure creates a risk to health and safety then any necessary repairs, alterations and additions must be carried out before further use. The scaffold and its supporting structure must be inspected by a competent person again before use is resumed. 

A person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) must not erect or allow another person to erect scaffolding if there is a risk a person could fall three metres for housing construction, or two metres for all other types of construction unless a control measure prevents a person from falling or a fall arrest harness system is used.


Unauthorised access to any incomplete or unattended scaffold must also be prevented


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