Being Safe and Smart in the Scaffolding Industry

If you are reading this article, you are probably about to rent a scaffolding system. You know that it is necessary to give to your workers safe access to all areas of a building during a construction project. But do you know how to be smart and safe with your future scaffolding? Here are some tips for you!


Inspect your scaffold every day 

Your workers safety is very important so it is necessary to inspect your rented scaffolding each day. Make sure that nothing has been tampered with overnight and there is no damage. If you notice anything, even something small, be sure that the scaffolding is fixed and no one uses it before these problems are taken care of. 


Follow instructions for safe scaffolding erection 

When renting scaffolding, your workers need to follow instructions and ensure all parts are thoroughly inspected. First, double-check to be sure that all parts are there, including special locking pins and cross braces. Then, when assembling the pieces together, follow the instructions to a T by installing every part correctly. Don’t take shortcuts by neglecting the installation of safety braces and outriggers which are essential to keep workers safe and prevent accidents.


Look around you

Check with your workers that they are taking every precaution to avoid injury at all times by wearing hard hats and protective clothing. They might think that it’s unnecessary but accidents occur all too frequently. Being prepared is the first action they can take! Also, to prevent equipment falling off the scaffolding, ensure that all tools and materials are organized and accounted for. 


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